BonCulina acquires Bon Appetit

International foodservice operator, BonCulina, has acquired Pordum Foods Ltd, which trades as Bon Appetit, the UK's top hot food vending firm for workplaces.

BonCulina secured the majority share and holds 97% of the business, whilst 3% is retained by current managing director of Bon Appetit, Keith Pordum (pictured).

Pordum Foods was formed in 2003 to provide a 24/7 vending solution, and it operates in the healthcare and B&I sectors.

In September 2020, the company formed a strategic partnership with BonCulina to integrate BonCulina’s individual high quality straight-to-plate meals into approximately 70 NHS hospital contracts across the UK.

The collaboration combined the vast network of Bon Appetit’s automated hot food catering service with high-end meals provided by BonCulina, offering customers flexibility, variety, and quality.

Pordum commented, ‘’BonCulina is an exceptional company that possesses the resources and marketing expertise to build a multi-million sales business within the next five years. We have always been impressed with the quality of their meals and innovative Torus Pak straight-to-plate technology.

'Our market presence and operational capabilities when combined with BonCulina’s advanced product portfolio and delivery systems will create an excellent catering solution which goes beyond vending for the “back to work” environment.”

A BonCulina spokesperson said, ‘’The acquisition of Pordum Foods is a natural progression of our earlier partnership. Whilst working with them we identified operational capabilities within Bon Appetit which would provide BonCulina with a strategic and sustainable platform for the future, which meets our ambitions for growth in the UK.”

Pordum will continue to be a part of the company and remain in place as managing director. He will be supported by Chad Heinemann, sales director, and Matt Keech, commercial director.

All Bon Appetit assets will be rebranded to BonCulina, while the Bon Appetit’s team of 13 staff members will be retained. BonCulina will operate out of Bon Appetit’s office in Crawley, West Sussex.