BonCulina expands UK operations

International foodservice provider BonCulina today announces its intention to expand its UK operations in order to increase its market share of the UK foodservice contractor market - which is worth an estimated £10bn, according to a recent IBIS World Industry Research Report.

BonCulina offers a ‘simply different foodservice’ approach striving towards a ’zero food waste vision’ and investing part of its profits into the ‘A Meal for a Meal’ CSR programme.

Providing affordable and delicious meals from around the world using the patented Torus Pak plating technology, allows BonCulina to operate restaurants and canteens of high standards without a kitchen or even a chef on site.

Through the reduction in the number of operating elements, particularly labour, BonCulina not only reduces operational cost but also capital.

Already operating in several other countries, BonCulina’s disruptive business model brings together hundreds of meal varieties and the very best international manufacturers in just one place.

A flexible option, it operates smart logistics, to enable customers to pick and choose from the finest meals without being tied into exclusive contracts and multiple delivery contracts. Each meal is lovingly produced and quality assured.

Chris O’Neill, BonCulina UK Sales and Operations Director, commented, “We aspire to be different in foodservice by delivering cost efficiency and simplicity through our vast central recipe database. From the very best ready meal manufacturers and vegan to free from, to create a truly global larder of high-quality delicious dishes.

'This, in combination with optional operating methods offers flexibility and consistency beyond most clients’ needs and requirements.”

O'Neil continued, “We have seen unprecedented demand for flexible foodservice solutions in an environment of rapid change during the pandemic. Our decision to increase capacity and expand operations in the UK, reflects the strength of the market.”

“We’ve combined our exceptional logistics and UK delivery capacity with new technology and delivery methods to offer unprecedented flexibility and on-demand choice.”

“Our meals are frozen and packaged individually, helping us to manage fluctuating numbers and safety issues in the new Covid landscape. This also brings added benefits such as longer shelf life and easy storage.”

With customer pressure driving demand for ever more choice and restaurant quality food, BonCulina brings together delicious, high quality meal options across all flavours, including the current top six most popular UK choices of English, Italian Indian, Chinese, American and French cuisine (Kantar).