Mayfair hotel restaurant donates 1,500 hot meals to homeless

Ormer Mayfair, situated within luxury boutique Flemings Mayfair Hotel, has donated more than 1,500 hot meals to ‘Charity Begins at Home’ over the past six months.

The restaurant partnered with the London-based charity at the beginning of the pandemic to set up a dedicated ‘Wednesday Charity Bike Project’, delivering 50 hot meals each week to the homeless.

Ormer’s Executive Chef, Kerth Gumbs (pictured) continues to cook freshly prepared hot food, which is delivered to those on the streets of London.

General Manager, Henrik Muehle volunteers at the charity’s evening distribution hub at The Strand every Friday – a project that has run without interruption since January 2016, and allows essential items including food and clothing to be distributed to over 200 less fortunate people each week.

Henrik Muehle, General Manager of Flemings Mayfair, commented, “We are so pleased that we have been able to work so closely with such a fantastic charity which provides ongoing support to those sleeping rough.

'Many of these people are unable to access help from other avenues like soup kitchens due to being elderly or disabled, and that’s where Charity Begins at Home comes in.

'Everyone deserves to have and enjoy a freshly-cooked, hot meal and we are here to cater to those that need it most”.