Tearing is caring with Pizza Hut's brand new tearers

Pizza Hut has launched new tearers in two delicious flavours: Cheesy Garlic Tearer and Cinnamon Tearer with Chocolate Dip and will be available at Delivery Huts across the UK.

Pizza Hut launches first ever tearers range across the UK this month, appealing to the savoury and sweet tastebuds of dough lovers everywhere.

The new tearers are perfect to pull apart with pals, partners, parents, offering the same great, restaurant-quality Pizza Hut taste, with pan dough that people know and love. And really, what better way to chill with family and friends than sharing some delicious doughy bites?

The Cheesy Garlic Tearer is made with Pizza Hut’s iconic pan dough, with tonnes of cheese in between it, and finished with the signature garlic sprinkle. Similarly, the Cinnamon Tearer is also made with pan dough, topped and tossed with Cinnamon sugar and is paired with a rich chocolate dip.

Hazell White, Head of Brand and Innovation at Pizza Hut UK & Europe, said: “We are so excited to launch the new tearers range in Huts across the country. We’re big believers in sharing, and tearers offer the ideal combination of being both a delicious treat as well as a way to bring people together. These flavours are brilliant for Christmas with the cinnamon as my personal favourite.”

The Cheesy Garlic Tearer is £6.99 and the Cinnamon Tearer is £7.99.