New Deliveroo report helps restaurants harness growing appetite for delivery

Deliveroo, the UK’s leading food delivery company, has today published a new report to help restaurants understand how to adapt their business to meet the growing demand for food delivery.

The report looks at the changing consumer tastes in 2020 to help small and independent restaurants reach new customers.

The report - Share of Stomach - includes expert insights into the changing tastes and habits of consumers in 2020, and reveals that more than 8 in 10 customers are set to order delivery more often or the same than they did before the pandemic.

It reveals not only the consumer trends during the past year, but also looks ahead to ordering habits post pandemic.

The findings of the report will help provide restaurants with insights into how best to take advantage of the growth of food delivery. The report forms part of a package of support measures for restaurant partners.

Indeed, earlier this month, Deliveroo extended its financial support for independent restaurants, including a £0 joining fee for new partners and 0% commission on pick up deliveries during lockdown. The extension of support comes as Deliveroo announces that 20,00 new restaurants joined the platform in 2020.

The research suggests that not only have many people tried food delivery for the first time during the pandemic, but that their love for their favourite foods will remain after the pandemic.

More than 8 in 10 customers (85%) say they will order delivery more often or the same than they did before the pandemic. Many people have turned to food delivery for the first time - nearly 20% of respondents had ordered for the first time in December 2020

The pandemic has not only changed how often consumers order food delivery, but why. Many customers are ordering food as something to ‘look forward to’, whilst the need for the ‘hangover order’ to cure a hangover has fallen at a time that vegan orders have soared.

Vegan orders have shot up 163% during 2020, while healthy grocery orders, such as eggs, avocado, semi-skimmed milk and lettuce, have consistently remained the top orders from grocery partners during the pandemic.

Deliveroo is also acting as a much needed source of enjoyment and comfort as the nation struggles to overcome the pandemic and people face increased pressure to juggle their lives from home.