Scottish Beer & Pub Association responds to indoor reopening date

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy, Fergus Ewing, has announced that hospitality businesses could possibly reopen for indoor use on 15 July in Scotland,

Emma McClarkin, CEO of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, commented on the news, “The setting of a date for reopening is some positive news for the country’s pubs and brewers, and something we have been pushing the Scottish Government on for several weeks.

'This gives some much-needed clarity for the sector and will also give industry the time necessary to put in place what is needed to reopen safely on the 15th of July.

“However, there is still a number of challenges for pubs that can’t be forgotten. Under the current two-metre social distancing rules, we believe up to two-thirds of Scotland’s pubs will need to remain closed.'

McClarkin continued, 'It is imperative for the hospitality sector that the Scottish Government explores the World Health Organisation’s suggested one-metre rule for social distancing.

‘Other countries, like New Zealand have allowed their pubs to safely re-open up at one-metre distance. If this was followed in Scotland, we could save thousands of jobs which otherwise will be lost through redundancies.”