Soil Association leads joint industry approach for Organic September

This year’s Organic September will be a key moment in the calendar for all organic businesses, producers, farmers and retailers – large, small, online and physical. As citizens we are appreciating the world we live in, and the fragility of our existence in it, more than ever before.

All the research shows that people don’t want to simply let things return to the way they were – but to continue making choices that will support people, animals and our environment.

This year Soil Association Certification has joined forces with the Organic Trade Board, as well as many brands and retailers, to bring Organic September – a unified campaign – to all organic businesses. 86% of shoppers already choose organic at some point in the year, with many more doing so in recent weeks and through new channels too, from box schemes to farm shops to independents.

With citizens shopping in new and different ways, many will stick to these new choices – buying from box schemes, shopping through online and independents – and many more are making conscious efforts to buy more sustainably.

In this ever-changing landscape online will play an even more central role in the campaign, with lots of tools and content available to support everyone, and some great new assets (as always) for all Soil Association Licensees.

Alongside this, Soil Association will be hosting webinars, virtual pop ups and promoting our listings pages – which have been seeing record traffic over the last few weeks as people seek out box schemes, independents and organic beauty, food and fashion products.

Clare McDermott, Business Development Director at Soil Association Certification, said, “Citizens are more in touch with their food, where it comes from and how it’s been produced than at any time in recent history – and it shows in the choices they’re making. They want simple changes that truly have a positive impact for the planet.

'This Organic September is a chance for everyone – from farmers to box schemes to online operators, high street retailers to farm shops, brands small and large – to come together and get the message out that choosing organic can make a world of difference, helping to restore nature, health and a safe climate. The time is now for organic.”