Baileys celebrates landmark two billion bottles

This week marks a momentous milestone for Diageo's Baileys Original Irish Cream, as it celebrates two billion bottles.

Speaking today, Jennifer English, Global Brand Director, Baileys at Diageo, said. “Today at Baileys HQ, extra sprinkles are flowing and sparklers sparkling as we celebrate our two billionth bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream!

'There has never been a more exciting time for Baileys. It has captured the imagination of millions of treat lovers around the world with so many delicious ways to enjoy it. It’s deliciously simple on its own over ice or for pure indulgent pleasure, poured over ice-cream, in coffee, creamy hot chocolate drinks, or as a delightful cake, bake or other grown up treats - the choices are endless.”

Born in Ireland in 1974, Baileys quickly travelled around the globe and is now recognised as one of the most loved brands in the world* and is available in 160 countries. 2,400 glasses of Baileys Original Irish Cream are consumed every minute of every day, and to this day, every single bottle is made in Ireland.

English continued, “Every single drop of milk in Baileys Original Irish Cream is supplied from small, local, Irish family farms and crafted from the highest quality ingredients. Ireland’s farms provide the luscious green fields that make the finest cream for the world’s favourite cream liquor.”

The big facts about Baileys:
• Baileys is the No. 1 liqueur brand in the world
• 232 million people love Baileys
• The unique Baileys flavour is produced using the best quality ingredients – fresh Irish dairy cream, Irish whiskey, finest spirits, cocoa, vanilla extracts and sugar
• Baileys sell in excess of 7 million cases per year
• 200 million litres of fresh Irish milk is required annually to produce the cream used in the production of Baileys – enough to make 3.3billion milkshakes (give or take)