Honest Burgers to launch of Bacon Plant burger in January

Honest Burgers ?will kick off 2020 with the launch of a vegan monthly special - the Bacon Plant burger - available exclusively from 2nd January to 3rd February.

Available at all Honest Burgers sites, the Bacon Plant combines a plant-based burger with This Isn’t Bacon, vegan smoked gouda, shoestring fries, plant-based bacon ketchup, chipotle ‘mayo’, spinach and pickles. Served with Honest’s signature homemade rosemary salted chips.

This is the second time that Honest will offer a vegan counterpart of their monthly special following the success of its Chipotle Guac burger in 2019, catering for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.

The Bacon Plant will run alongside the return of the Tribute To Bacon - Honest’s meaty January special - which tops Honest beef with double bacon, Westcombe Dairy smoked cheddar, bacon gravy, shoestring fries, bacon mayo, lettuce and pickles? .

Ahead of the launch, Honest Burgers co-founder Tom Barton said, 'Our Bacon Plant special ticks all the bacon boxes – savoury, smoky, salty and satisfying – but it’s 100% vegan. We’re impressed with This Isn’t Bacon’s plant-based rashers, which we’ve turned into a great homemade bacon ketchup.”