Dominos trials AI tech for perfect pizza

Domino's Pizza is piloting AI technology that scans each pizza to ensure it measures up to its quality standards for the perfect pizza at its Australian and New Zealand locations.

The chain partnered with restaurant technology firm Dragontail Systems to create the AI, called the DOM Pizza Checker, which aims to reduce the number of customer complaints Domino's receives regarding pizza quality or order integrity.

The scanner measures a number of variables against a data set reflecting the ideal pie, including type, toppings, topping distribution, size and other metrics.

Domino's Australia CEO, Nick Knight, said that they will be releasing even more features later this year, including the ability to provide customers with a real-time image of their pizza on the cut bench.

He added that as part of this process, they will also be notified if their pizza has failed our strong quality testing, resulting in a remake.