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Drink-only occasions have increased in the period by +0.6ppts, according to the latest report from Lumina Intelligence, showcasing the opportunity for operators to offer a greater range of meal deal pairings including drinks to prompt consumers to purchase food alongside a drink.

Over the same period, alcoholic drinks are increasing share of occasions by +1ppt, driven by sporting events and consumers opting for more pubs visits.

Beer consumption has increased by +2ppts, driven by the warmer weather and sporting events. San Miguel has grown its share by +2ppts, with consumers opting for more premium beers, highlighting an opportunity to drive spend through premium occasions.

Lunch occasions have seen the biggest increase in day-part share in 12WE 15/05/22, compared to the same period last year (+3.3ppts).

Occasions that include both food and drink have dominated the eating/drinking out market in 12WE 15/05/22, up by +1ppt versus 12WE 20/02/22.

(source: https://www.lumina-intelligence.com/)