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Cloud bread
TikTok has generated multiple food trends since its inception — with users on the social media platform inspired to try their hand at cooking all sorts of fun recipes after viewing how-to videos.

This has led food experts at Top 10 Prepared Meal Delivery to wonder – what are the most popular TikTok food trends?

To find out, the experts collected the number of views of the top food trends on TikTok and can now reveal all, including the fact that every top 20 entry is vegetarian, which mirrors the demand made by diners.

First place goes to cloud bread, with 3.2 billion views. Many of us have tried making our own loaves of bread at home, with varying levels of success. But cloud bread is unique in the fact that it is a fluffier alternative to normal bread, in some instances using dye to create the ultimate sunset cloud effect.

In second place is every caffeine addict's dream, the infamous whipped (or dalgona) coffee. Similar to a regular cup of coffe, the drink only uses three ingredients and reportedly is like drinking a ‘coffee cloud.’ With nearly 3 billion views (2,842,215,600) the caffeine delight is sure to be a tasteful alternative to your regular coffee breaks at work.

Pancake cereal claims third place. Pretty much what it says on the tin, the mini sweet treats have endless possibilities with toppings like golden syrup, Nutella, or yoghurt – it explains why the #pancakecereal has over 1 billion views (1,603,147,600) on TikTok.

Feta pasta takes fourth place. A simple recipe that involves baking a block of feta cheese with some cherry tomatoes in the oven has had 1,057,300,000 views on TikTok and has been described as ‘the perfect weeknight pasta dish.’

At the other end of the table is frog bread (17,904,752 views) and pesto eggs (44,223,300).

FS News Editor Becky says, 'It will be interesting to see how many of the more unusual trends on the list find there way in some shape or form onto QSR and restaurant menus in the coming year - make mine an ice cream cake and a dalgona coffee please!'

Full list:
Food Trend - Total TikTok Views

Cloud bread 3,200,000,000
Whipped/dalgona coffee 2,842,215,600
Pancake cereal 1,603,147,600
Feta pasta 1,057,300,000
Nature’s cereal 814,677,350
Ice cream cake 800,500,000
Baked oats 640,000,000
Hot chocolate bombs 612,900,000
Fufu 452,300,000
Birria tacos 440,600,000
Banana bread 234,700,000
Nacho table 189,300,197
Egg sandwich 128,600,000
Oreo mug cake 105,660,400
Crème brulee 79,600,000
Crispy potatoes 56,200,000
Vodka pasta 46,900,000
Carrot/vegan bacon 44,800,337
Pesto eggs 44,223,300
Frog bread 17,904,752

(source: https://www.top10.com/, image: still from YouTube's The Icing Artist)