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New research from Vodafone highlights Brits as a nation of takeaway lovers, with a quarter (25%) admitting to ordering takeaway meals three or four times a month.

The survey (conducted with a sample of 2,000 UK adults) reveals that we share a nationwide love of ordering meals at home, but what we order differs across the country. Those in the North East opt for a traditional fish and chips (17%), while Londoners prefer a steaming hot pizza (18%).

Elsewhere, both Scotland and the South West were unveiled as the biggest fans of a Chinese takeaway, with a quarter of the population (23%) in each area selecting it as their top choice. The Welsh confirmed that fried chicken was their second favourite pick (13%), after fish and chips (14%).

Nationally, fish and chips with a drink can vary by region with Brighton in the South East proving to be the most expensive (average of £12.70 for a cod, chips & drink) versus Glasgow and Birmingham coming in at an average of just £8 for the meal and drink.

Findings highlighted that Londoners are more likely to ‘rotate’ their orders to try new restaurants and cuisines, while people in Wales are creatures of habit, with 64% being most likely to stick to the tried-and-trusted.

Among the top reasons Brits list for not switching up their order is it being simply a ‘habit’ (31%), or being too ‘scared’ to try something other than their favourite dish (23%), in case it ends in disappointment. One-in-four (25%) stick to the same as it’s the closest one, or because they are the cheapest option (25%).

The anticipation of ordering and waiting for a takeaway was also revealed as a reason for purchasing, with just under half (47%) reporting an extra ‘spring in their step’ on days they know they’ll be ordering dinner in. More than half (52%) get takeaways as a treat, while 36% will choose one when they simply can’t be bothered to cook, to save the pain of washing up after cooking (15%), or to stop their kids from nagging for a treat (10%).

Across the country, ordering dinner in seems to mostly be a weekend treat, with Friday being voted the favourite day for takeaways by 30% of respondents, closely followed by Saturday (25%). However nearly one-in-10 (9%), said having a hump day takeaway on a Wednesday to get them through the rest of the week.

Londoners spend the most on their takeaways each month, paying an average of £73.70 – £20 more than the national average. They also order more often than anyone else, with 24% of Londoners ordering takeaways four times a month. Scots are second, forking out as much as £61 on takeaways each month, while people in the South West typically spend £47 a month.

Across the nation, adults believe £12 should be enough to get them one side dish and one main – although one-in-20 would expect one main, two sides and a drink for the same spend.


East Midlands – Fish and chips (23%)

London – Pizza (18%)

North East – Fish and chips (17%)

North West – Chinese (19%)

Northern Ireland – Chinese (20%)

Scotland – Chinese (23%)

South East – Indian (17%) and fish and chips (17%)

South West – Chinese (23%)

Wales – Fish and chips (14%)

West Midlands – Fish and chips (14%)

Yorkshire and the Humber – Fish and chips (20%)

Average cost of nation’s favourite fish & chips across the UK through Just Eat (cod & chips vs cod, chips & drink)

South East / Brighton – £11.20 & £12.70

South West / Truro – £9.60 & £10.95

Northern Ireland / Belfast – £9.49 & £10.84

London – £9.20 & £10.70

East Midlands / Leicester – £9.15 & £10.35

Yorkshire and the Humber / York – £8.80 & £9.30

North West / Manchester – £8.50 & £10

North West / Liverpool – £7.95 & £9.45

Yorkshire and the Humber / Leeds – £7.90 & £9.20

North East / Newcastle – £7.70 & £9.00

Wales / Cardiff – £7.70 & £9.00

Scotland / Glasgow – £6.60 & £8.00

West Midlands / Birmingham – £6.50 & £8.00

(source: Vodafone, image: pexels)