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People are prioritising their health more, which includes moderating their alcohol intake.

New research has found that the majority of UK millennials (78%), equivalent to over 25 million individuals, feel pressure to drink in social situations. In recent years, the UK’s drinking culture has shifted towards moderate drinking, led by a 10million3 strong movement of individuals – The Gen Free generation.

Last year, one in five UK drinkers (20%) intended to take part in Dry January (Alcohol Change). This year, Atopia’s research showed that this has increased to 26%, an equivalent of 1.95 million more Brits. This jumps to four in 10 (41%) in London, showing that those in the capital are determined to hang up their hangovers this month and go Dry for January.

Furthermore, people are no longer only moderating for just for January; around a half of 25-40 year old drinkers (48%) now actively choose to moderate their alcohol intake all year round.

As the low/no category continues to grow, IWSR predicts the category to increase by 31% in volume by 2024, there are now numerous high quality and delicious alcohol alternatives on the market, such as Atopia Spiced Citrus, meaning that moderating is no longer a compromise.

Headline findings from Atopia research:
• Eight out of 10 (78%) of millennials feel pressure to drink in social situations, equivalent to 25 million individuals
• Almost 60% of 25 – 40-year-olds will decide on accepting social invitations based on whether they’d have to drink alcohol
• For more than half of millennials (57%) the taste of their drink trumps alcoholic strength, showing delicious doesn’t have to mean alcoholic
• Gen Free choose to moderate to avoid hangovers (52%) and improve both physical (51%) and mental (37%) wellbeing
• 26% intend to participate in Dry January this year compared with 20% last year. This jumps to four in 10 (41%) Londoners
• Of those who are intending to participate this year, the main reason is general health reasons, followed by wanting to challenge themselves, and to curb the amount of money they spend on alcohol.

Atopia Spiced Citrus is taking part in the UK's first alcohol-free off-licence in London's West End. Created by Mindful Drinking Festival creator, Club Soda, the pop-up shop houses a total of 70 alcohol-free brands and will be open to consumers until Sunday 30 January.

(source: https://www.atopiaspirits.com/)