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A new survey into food and drink waste in the pub sector has found that less than half of UK pubs have stock management systems in place to reduce their food and drink waste.

Commissioned by Too Good To Go, the anti-food waste app, the survey also revealed that almost half of UK pubs (44%) are not aware of how much food they waste each day. However, more than two thirds (43%) do allow their staff to take home surplus food and drink home with them in a bid to reduce waste.

When looking at what is wasted and why, the survey found that only 48% of respondents consider beer and cider as food waste in their pubs, despite it being the most likely item to go to waste (54% of respondents admitted to throwing away surplus beer and cider).

As for the main reasons for food and drink waste in pubs, the top reason is the short shelf life of products, with almost half (46%) of pub employees saying so. Spoilage is the second most common reason for food and drink waste, affecting 44% of UK pubs, while unpredictable fluctuations in customer footfall is the third highest cause, impacting over a quarter of businesses (28%) in the sector.

The survey showed how food and drink waste is impacting those that work in the pub sector. 86% of respondents say they worry about the environmental impact of how much food and drink they waste as a business; 84% are concerned on a financial level, and 70% say they are concerned about how wasting food and drink is impacting their team morale.

In light of this, the findings also show that three quarters (74.4%) of UK pubs would be likely to implement a solution that allowed them to reduce food and drink waste in their pub, while recovering costs and meeting new customers.

Paschalis Loucaides, UK Managing Director, Too Good To Go, said, “Our research has shown that UK pubs care deeply about not wasting food and drink, but current practises in the sector are seemingly taking their toll.

“Throwing away food and drink not only costs businesses time and resources, but it also affects staff morale and of course it’s impacting our planet too - food waste contributes 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

“By introducing food and drink waste strategies into operation guidelines, adopting new training programmes, and implementing technology solutions to minimise both food and drink waste, the UK pub sector can make a huge difference to reducing our nation’s food waste footprint.”

(source: Too Good To Go)