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Pubs Code Adjudicator, Fiona Dickie
Following the government’s statutory review of the PCA’s performance and effectiveness of the Pubs Code, the PCA has been working to act on the recommendations.

The PCA can now provide an update on two new developments, starting 1 April 2021.

Arbitrator standards promoting timeliness, quality, and consistency. Arbitrators will need to agree to adhere to these standards when taking on any new appointment.

Annual performance measures to monitor the PCA’s performance in a number of areas. These will help to support targeted improvements to the way it works.

Standards for Pubs Code arbitrators
The standards set out what the PCA expects from a Pubs Code arbitrator and in turn will make this clearer for the parties. They cover, amongst other things, expectations for how the arbitrator will communicate with the parties, case progression and timescales and the use of the PCA’s powers as regulator to require information about the arbitration.

The PCA will keep these standards under review, and they are subject to change following any feedback on how they are working in practice.

Measuring performance
The PCA performance measures will show how we are performing against clearly defined standards and in some cases develop a baseline from which to measure change. This will help the PCA to identify areas for improvement as well as being more transparent in the way we work. The PCA will report on the measures annually.

Pubs Code Adjudicator, Fiona Dickie said, 'In the statutory review of the PCA and Pubs Code, the Secretary of State challenged me to change how the PCA does business. Setting performance measures provides a tool to improve ways of working and makes it easier for those we deal with to know what to expect.

'We have come a long way in resolving long-standing arbitration cases; as well as publishing a number of arbitration awards, and more recently summaries, to improve transparency.

'Effective and timely dispute resolution is crucial in ensuring there are no unreasonable barriers or deterrents for tenants in exercising their Pubs Code rights. That is why I have introduced these standards.

'We continue to work on the recommendations from the statutory review to improve the operation of the Code and the way the PCA does business. I trust the industry will welcome these latest developments.'

(source: www.gov.uk/)