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The latest retail figures from BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor show Food growth stood at 5.4% for the year.

Over the three months to December, Food sales increased 6.8% on a Like-for-like basis and 7.3% on a Total basis. This is higher than the 12-month Total average growth of 5.4%.

For the month of December, Food was in growth year-on-year.

Susan Barratt, CEO of IGD, said, “December 2020 saw the highest ever festive spending in the UK food and grocery retail sector and was largely in line with the elevated trend through the year.

'Tightening restrictions across much of the country limited other sales channels and enabled supermarkets to get the full benefit of people celebrating with food and drink.

'Though last-minute changes put the brakes on larger family gatherings, shoppers nevertheless sought to make up for their disappointments by trading up to treat themselves and their immediate households with premium and luxury lines.

“IGD’s Shopper Confidence Index remained stable in December, boosted by the introduction of new vaccines for COVID-19. Focus turned to Christmas food shopping and there was a significant uplift in online grocery shopping over the festive period.

'Shopper confidence will remain fragile as shoppers grapple with the impact of the new national lockdown, economic downturn and a new relationship with the EU.”

(source: BRC-KPMG, image: pexels)