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Two leading tech providers join forces to shake up hospitality sector

TigerTMS and Fetch Group have partnered to bring to the market an unrivalled solution for the hospitality sector.

TigerTMS has selected Fetch as it’s best of breed partner to provide a Food and Beverage ordering module within its leading mobile guest services solution, iPortal.

Fetch is a unified guest experience platform for food and beverage businesses, providing the hospitality industry with a next-gen guest engagement solution. The platform offers a complete package of solutions, including the QR Code scan order and pay module that has been integrated into iPortal.

iPortal is the affordable, no development, app-less solution that provides branded hotel information, services and superior guest engagement simply by scanning a QR-code. Once scanned, guests gain access to a rich set of features, including secure messaging, speed-dials to hotel departments, automatic checkout, hotel directory information, and now an F&B ordering option.

Combined, the two leading brands, both accredited with a strong footprint and longevity in the industry are geared to offer this next generation mobile guest services solution, that’s able to do everything an app can do – and more.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership that will serve the sector well, with both parties offering iPortal with the integrated Fetch F&B order and pay solution, to hotels worldwide.

The first projects are currently being worked on for a number of leading hoteliers, and will be going live imminently.

Fetch CEO and Founder, Jason Jeffreys, explained, “With Fetch, we’re looking to revolutionise not just the guest experience, but also how the back-end of hospitality operates. In the post-pandemic world, hospitality businesses still face several challenges, with labour management, supply chain chaos and soaring utility bills being chief amongst them.

'We see iPortal with our Fetch solution as a guiding light, helping businesses navigate and handle these issues, incorporating the technology into our customers’ networks using our advanced, ‘plug and play’ metrics. We’re looking forward to the challenge ahead and future-proofing the industry, making sure operators remain ahead of the curve and continue to meet consumers’ evolving needs.”

John Owen, CEO at TigerTMS, added, “Selecting Fetch as our preferred F&B module integrated within iPortal provides a unique offering to hoteliers and hospitality sector. It is a game-changer, backed by a team of experts who understand hospitality.

'iPortal with Fetch F&B ordering will give guests an enhanced experience and alleviate unnecessary stress on the hospitality workforce. The partnership blends the best-in-class food and beverage solution from Fetch, with our ground-breaking fully featured iPortal solution for hotels.”