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Allergen Accreditation launches Allergen Aware Month

Surrey-based consultancy, Allergen Accreditation has just launched Allergen Aware Month to highlight the importance of staying allergen aware for all businesses providing food and beverages.

Allergen Aware Month is a pledge from all types of food and beverage businesses to reboot their allergen awareness, remind staff to be compliant with the law, refresh their training and generally get all employees re-focussed and alert to this essential aspect of working in catering and hospitality.

Allergen Accreditation have prepared some useful resources to support businesses. This year's resource pack contains:

• PPDS (Natasha's Law) The Refresher
• Training- about what training is appropriate, available as well as the link to the updated (June 2020) FSA's free online training for everyone
• Useful links- free resources to support your needs including allergen and labelling software support
• About the Anaphylaxis Campaign- the trusted source for allergen factsheets and more
• Remember when designing your menus- use words to describe hidden/ unexpected allergens
• Digital support- tech support is well overdue for any business, and this gets you started as well as offers the ability to include calorie/ nutrition information that you may need to do in 2022
• Precautionary Allergen Labelling (PAL) There's a consultation out now and you are invited to take part, with the Food Standards Agency
• The OneMcPeakeChallenge - will raise awareness and funds to support NARF and their quest to develop immunotherapy for allergy sufferers
• Primary Allergen Authority Scheme (PAAS) Where group businesses take ownership of the Allergen Accreditation scheme and develop it internally- a new era

The resources can be found at: https://www.allergenaccreditation.co.uk/food-allergen-aware-month-2022/