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Rosa’s Thai launches first retail range

Today, Rosa’s Thai - the popular Thai restaurant group founded by chef Saiphin Moore in 2011, is launching its first retail range, delivering Rosa’s signature pastes, oils and sauces across the UK.

Each product is made to Rosa’s tried-and-tested recipes perfected over decades, using the best in authentic Thai ingredients for a punchy, fragrant range allowing Rosa’s Thai fans to recreate their favourite dishes at home.

The entirely vegan and comprises five of Rosa’s Thai’s most popular condiments, oils and pastes, including:

Massaman curry paste
A menu bestseller since 2011, this aromatic curry comes from southern Thailand and combines classic Thai curry ingredients - tamarind, lemongrass and chillies - with the typically Indian and Malaysian flavours of star anise and cardamom for a mild yet distinctive flavour profile.

Traditionally served with beef, the curry is also delicious with tofu or vegetables for a hearty and nourishing meat-free meal.

Thai red and green curry pastes
Inspired by Moore’s aunt, who would make Thai green curry paste with a pestle and mortar and serve it to monks in the local temple in Phetchabun, northern Thailand, this time-honoured recipe is one of the restaurant’s most popular.

Also on offer is the red curry paste, which uses dried red chillies to bring extra heat, and is best served with salmon or butternut squash.

Chilli oil
The inspiration for Rosa’s crispy chilli oil recipe comes from Moore’s time spent in Hong Kong, where she would visit late-night noodle shops and decided to try her hand at making her own.

Full of dried chillies, garlic and soy sauce for a fiery umami-rich condiment, the chilli oil is best used as a dip or topping to spice up the simplest dishes, from steamed rice to crispy Thai fried eggs.

Satay sauce
Rosa’s Thai’s satay sauce combines roasted peanuts with coconut milk, spices and tamarind for an intensely moreish sweet and savoury dip that’s best paired with chicken or tofu skewers, prawn crackers and summer rolls.