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Feedr launches nationwide employee perk to support wellbeing at home

Flexible food tech platform, Feedr, now part of Compass Group UK and Ireland, has expanded its full suite of office catering solutions to service employees working from home.

The new proposition, called Cloud Canteen @ Home, allows employers to continue offering subsidised meals but instead of a designated office location, meal kits can be delivered directly to employee doorsteps.

The effects of the pandemic on employee wellbeing cannot be underestimated. A study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that 85% of employees said that their wellbeing had declined and 55% have struggled to balance their work and home lives during the pandemic.

This is putting the onus on employers to provide the necessary support and guidance for employees for both now and in the future. According to a recent Feedr survey 90% of employers have already made the commitment to make employee wellbeing a renewed focus.

Riya Grover, CEO at Feedr, commented, “Feedr has been looking ahead to a future of more flexible working practices and workplace innovation. Cloud Canteen @ Home allows us to offer a blended solution to help companies enhance their employee wellbeing.

“Regular home deliveries from hand-picked food providers are a unique way for businesses to keep their workforce healthy, motivated and engaged wherever they are at a time when many are faced with declining productivity and wellbeing.”

After receiving their first team order, Abby Capper, Community Manager at Wealthsimple, said, “We loved it so much! It was all great, the presentation was incredible, the food was delicious, and I received a lot of compliments. We’ll definitely be ordering for home delivery again.”

Employers are increasingly turning to catering options that can adapt to emerging working patterns. Many are searching for an easy-to-use solution that is fit for catering to fluctuating headcounts and changing workplace locations - be it at a regional hub or from home.

Feedr’s modular suite of office catering solutions provides employers with exactly that - a powerful technology platform that allows them to seamlessly switch between different occasions and locations all while empowering employees to make health-conscious food choices.