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Chilli Tuk Tuk opens second London site for delivery only

Award-winning Finchley takeaway Chilli Tuk Tuk is spicing up London with another location in Kings Cross. The Finchley branch is delivery and takeaway, and Kings Cross is delivery only - a dark kitchen.

Fed up of lack lustre takeaways, powerhouse duo husband and wife, Deepak and Amisha Lall decided to launch their own offering, which has already proved a hit in North London.

In 2014, the pair travelled across India meeting with top authentic chefs to devise their menu with one thing in mind – serve simple, delicious food, with the best quality ingredients in the shortest time possible. The menu is not your typical Indian takeaway with an endless list, but short and concise with just 11 curries, all created by tracing the origins of the ‘classic’ Indian dishes.

Deepak is the brain child behind Chilli Tuk Tuk, leading the team in the kitchen which has seen them be named Best Takeaway in Central London by the British Takeaway Awards last year, Best Takeaway/Delivery UK at The British Curry Awards 2018 and Best Takeaway UK at the ARON Awards 2019. Amisha is the face of the brand and manages all of the customer service side of the business.

Customers can first choose their base of veggies, lamb, paneer and more, then choose a curry ranging from Classic Madras to Kanpur Korma, and lastly finish it off with sides and accompaniments.

Desserts include the Chocolate Naan - hot naan plus Nutella, which was born out of a craving Amisha had when pregnant. It was so good it had to be added to the menu.

At Kings Cross, the menu is even more refined serving the best sellers - four stellar chicken curries, three juicy lamb dishes, and an exciting range of vegetarian and vegan options.