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BBPA welcomes reopening of pubs in Wales

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the leading trade association representing Britain’s brewers and pubs, has today welcomed the Welsh Government finally confirming that all pubs can reopen in Wales, both indoors and outdoors.

In an announcement today, the First Minister said that pubs in Wales would be able to reopen indoors from 3 August. Previously, pubs in Wales could only reopen to serve outdoors, making it the last part of the UK where pubs couldn’t open indoors, stopping them from fully reopening properly.

The trade association said that pubs in Wales had been struggling as they had been forced to remain closed for longer by the Welsh Government than other parts of the UK, being able to reopen from 13 July but outdoors only, which for many Welsh pubs was not a viable option.

It said it hoped the decision announced today wasn’t too late in avoiding mass closures of pubs in Wales, and that it would hopefully enable Welsh pubs to use some of the Summer to rebuild their trade and start to recover. For many pubs, the summer trade is crucial to see them through leaner winter months.

The trade association said pubs in Wales would need continued support from the Government, as will pubs across the whole of the UK, to help them get back to business and participate in the economic recovery of the UK.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the BBPA, said, “It’s fantastic news that pubs in Wales can fully reopen from August 3rd. The announcement today means all pubs across the whole of the UK can now fully reopen and get back to business.

“This is a moment of excitement and relief for our sector in what has been a very difficult period. We only hope the decision by the Welsh Government hasn’t come too late in avoiding mass closures of pubs in Wales, as they are the last to fully reopen anywhere in the UK - and quite a bit behind other pubs too.

“Pubs in Wales will now be looking to make the most of the Summer to get back to business and rebuild their trade. Obviously continued support from Government for pubs and brewers across the UK, including those in Wales, is still going to be needed in the short and medium term. Such support will help ensure our pubs get back on their feet properly and play the leading role they can in our economic recovery.

“Our members look forward to welcoming back their customers and tourists and rebuilding their trade.”